The HDR shot then is layered with a properly exposed window shot ( WINDOW POOL ) .

The composited shot is then adjusted for color, saturation, luminosity, white balance and whole host of parameters which finally produces FINISHED PHOTO for your real estate marketing.

My Approach

As part of a BARE BONE editing process, we develop one single High Dynamic Range (HDR)  photo merging 3-5 bracketed shots.

Did you knowthat 92 percent of homebuyers (according to use the Internet as part of their home search? That means that listing photos are a critical factor — it will determine the selling price of a home, how quickly it sells and whether it sells at all.
If homebuyers aren’t sold on the images, they see online, chances are they will move on. It can also affect their perception of a home prior to seeing it.
Emotion is the No. 1 trigger of the affluent buyer, so use it to your advantage. A good photo can speak not a thousand words, but a million words. Get creative: If the home is upwards of a certain amount, use models and shoot lifestyle photos in the home and around the home.


With trial and error through the years, I have developed an elaborate process of shooting and editing technique to deliver super crisp, eye popping, but realistic photos of your properties. We start with hundred of shots at multiple exposures.

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