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Hi: My name is Robin Podder. I own and operate rkpodderFOTO, the most dependable  real estate, portrait and headshot photography  in Torrance.  I am a resident of Torrance, CA, since 1983.

Well, I have a BACK STORY.

Prior to owning rkpodderFOTO, I was an  engineer working for Northrop Grumman. After retiring early, I went to Film School at UCLA, learned the trade. I directed and produced award winning feature and documentary films. ( Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OqS7m3LBpk).

Later I realized it would be unsustainable to continue an 18 hour work day and coordinate with lots of people. In 2014, I started a local photography business.

I have developed my unique STYLE
I brings vast skill set and creative mind to photography. In real estate photography either there is a lack of dimensions using just a point-and-shoot camera or over editing resulting in a 'fake' look.

Whereas in Portrait and Headshot photography, the challenge is to connect with the living breathing subject. I know that very well. I directed actors and crew members and brought out the best on the set. Find out what's in their mind. The technical aspects come later.

For real estate shoot, I  have a fully loaded portable gear bag, ready for the road! For portrait and product photography, I have a in home studio.  I own Sony full frame and crop sensor mirrorless digital cameras, Sony FE fast primary and zoom lenses. I also carry third party wide angle and long lenses. Others include light stands, tripods, TTL and High Speed Sink flashes and various diffusers and reflectors.

All it takes is to set up your first appointment, with no obligation. My number is 310-962-2460

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